Follow our ideas for Front line security: Tips on how to secure your shopfronts

    shop fronts

    Shopfronts have become a common feature for business hubs. They are indeed the best tool for drawing large crowds and showcasing your products for advertising. Nothing is more terrifying than the thought that one’s products are under constant threat. The shopkeepers need not worry till death for their merchandise. We suggest that you go through the various types of shopfronts available for ensuring maximum security.


    Roller Shutters or Window Grills

    These are an excellent option when it comes to fixing protective measures for shops. They can be used for securing the building during the non business hours. Usually, the shutters are made from two materials: steel and aluminum. These are literally impenetrable and the thieves have a tough time getting through them if they ever think of it. Securing the shutters with a security lock at the bottom is highly recommended for ensuring maximum protection. It also reduces the possibility of the hot wiring of the electrical system by the thieves. With them also comes the advantage of superior aesthetic sense which you can avail in various colors and designs.


    Shop Front Bollards

    Bollards are a necessary addition if you wish to diminish the possibility of a vehicle shattering your windows. The bollards will be vital for safeguarding your shop besides ensuring that the foot traffic doesn’t get affected. The bollards are set deep into concrete so that it is impossible to uproot them. You can use a little creativity with painting them in light paints or use a few potted plants to decorate it. Check about the ownership of the area. If you own it legally, you can go ahead without worrying. If the local authorities own it, then you will have to obtain permission from them for the same.


    Security Glass


    Security glass is not like ordinary glass. It is strong, sturdy and durable. It doesn’t matter when it breaks. It is manufactured specifically for handling the high impact. It is highly resistant to sharp objects like bricks and  stones. It is even resistant to crowbars and hammers. The criminals will indeed have a tough time trying to break it. Even if they manage to do so, it will not be in pieces as it has highly strong plastic films inside which will make the burglary mission only tougher. It is enough to buy some time and alert the police if you track some suspicious activity near your shop.


    So don’t hesitate to avail the different kinds of roller shutters to ensure the maximum security for your commercial hub. It is necessary that you choose your material according to your vulnerability and preference. We always keep the interest of the customer in mind. With ADV shutter, you will never go wrong. You can be sure of the premium quality and superior after-sales service once you become our esteemed customer. We assure you the best manufacturing along with the best installation, repair, and after-sales service. So don’t wait, get the suitable roller shutter installed before it is too late.


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