Boost your business: 6 reasons why you should get bi-folding doors installed

    People have all the facilities incorporated in their building for enhancing their business. The aspect that one should not and must not neglect is the shopping entrance. You can opt for a fancy shopfront or consider installing solid for perforated shutters. But nothing can beat the convenience Bi-folding doors have to offer. Whichever business you own, wherever you are located, you will need an impressive entrance to lure the customers right in. ADV specializes in providing a wide variety of roller shutters. Bi-folding doors London form a significant part of the ADV product profile.

    Just follow the mind map we show and you will be led to the finest destination: Bi-fold doors. Have a look at the immense advantage it offers-

    1. Let there be light.

    Bi-folding doors bring in the maximum light you could ever want in the interiors. The traditional doors can only offer you about 60% of light but the bi-folding doors will let in as much as 90% light. Well, no points for guessing that the bi-folding Doors are the best option if you love natural light. How about a wall full of a window for letting the sunlight in?  We would also like to throw light on the fact that exposure to sunlight for a certain amount of time is vital to our health. People who are not exposed to sunlight even for a few moments on a daily basis may end up with biological conditions. It may also lead to psychological problems like depression. So you better opt for an arrangement which lets in the maximum sunlight.

    1. Guide the customers to your outlet

    Customers are generally guided by the way the shop front looks. The display window is the ideal place for displaying your products to the customers who have already walked in and the ones who might want to walk in. So, you see it works both ways.

    1. Bring the exterior elements right in

    As the weather gets warm, many people prefer sitting outside and bask in the sunlight. On other days, they might not quite feel like it. With Bi-Folding Doors, you have the provision of having both the situations in your hands. The exterior can be brought inside with these doors so you can have the best of both the worlds.

    1. A whiff of fresh air

    With the advent of warm weather,  closing the doors tightly will make the place stuffy. With Bi Folding Doors, you will have fresh air circulating in. The customers are bound to feel welcome and comfortable, so won’t they prefer coming to your shop? So prep up your business prospects with the installation of  Bi Folding Doors.

    1. A savior for the rainy days

    Set aside the warm weather, won’t you be grateful for such doors when it pours cats and dogs? So it’s not only during summers you have an advantage, it is applicable to rainy days as well. Encourage your customers to relax, enjoy some coffee and read a book by the Bi Folding Doors. So you have the right to bring the sunlight in and keep the rain out. You can still enjoy the pitter patter of droplets and let the customers enjoy such a monsoon-like feeling.

    1. Conserve your energy

    With the premium insulation properties of the Bi Folding Doors, it is a significant truth that the convenience factor will go up and the power bills will go down. Don’t you think that is the best two-fold advantage which will work for both the customers as well as your staff? No wonder they will not stop smiling once they walk in.  Mother fortune is sure to smile over you with the customers streaming in. So think up a smart security solution with your Bi-Folding Doors.

         7. Business basics

    We know that ultimately it is your product which will be the greatest determinant of the way the business picks up but it is true that installing bi-fold doors will grant a bright ambiance for your customer. With the comfort factor going up, the old, as well as the new customers are sure to walk in and contribute to your sales. You are definitely geared up for going places after that, aren’t you?

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