Five exceptionally amazing reasons why you must use Curtain Walling systems.

    Five exceptionally amazing reasons why you must use Curtain Walling systems.

    Have a good look around you the next time you are in an area splattered with tall buildings. Do you see anything common besides the exceptional height of the skyscrapers? Guess you got it, most of them mare likely to be covered by curtain walling system.  Which building doesn’t require an added security layer?And which one will be better off without such protection against the extreme weather conditions? So it’s no surprise that curtain walling is being adopted far and wide for the sake of durability and protection of the tall structures which serve as malls, official buildings,residential flats and much more. If you are on the lookout for the provider of the ultimate curtain walling in London, you just need to remember ADV by heart. We offer the best roller shutters and we provide curtain walling facilities as well.

    Historical account of curtain walling

    You will be surprised to know that curtain walling is not an entirely modern concept. Its inception dates back to the early years when kings needed to fortify their  forts. Their concern was to get the ultimate protection from the enemy forces and the extreme weather conditions. For this purpose, it was customary that an additional layer of the wall was instructed outside the walls of the fort so as to provide maximum protection against the foreign forces and the unpredictable weather conditions. The very same principle is being used to protect modern buildings. Curtain walling places a layer of glass and aluminum between the building and the exterior world, thus granting maximum protection.

    The advantage in a package

    If you look at the advantages of the curtain walling, you will end being thankful for this facility.

    1. Protection

    Tall buildings are susceptible to the ravages brought about by the raging winds and downpours. Curtain walling will deflect the high winds and rain from the surface, thus minimizing the damage incurred.

    1. A touch of Glamour

    Along with the protection, you will love the beautiful cover it will present the building with. The glass on the tall buildings seems to reflect an aura all by itself. You no further need to beautify it as the classic touch has already been given by the curtain walling.

    1. Insulation

    Whether you want to keep your building warm or cool, curtain walling will provide the ultimate solution for your weather-related woes. The compact covering that the system provides will help in keeping the building insulated.

    1. Lower your power bills

    Now that you won’t be using as much electricity for maintaining an optimum temperature inside the building, your power bills will surely nosedive. Of course, your spirits are bound to soar after that.

    1. A conscious decision of a globally responsible citizen

    The realization that your decision to opt for curtain walling will lessen the carbon footprint will include you in the group of people who consider themselves globally responsible citizens. Naturally, when you use less electricity, you will be contributing to decreasing the carbon footprint of mankind. isn’t it really good that curtain walling will help you in dispensing your duties as a  responsible and environmentally conscious individual?

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