How to incorporate the essential element of attraction in your showroom

    Let’s get it right –when customers visit your showroom, they want to have a tangible look and feel the experience of the products. Whether they are hunting for something as small and insignificant as a key chain or looking around for something as significant as an electronic gadget, they want to have hands-on experience of the things. They want to make sure that the product they chose is suitable for every aspect-color, size, specific details etc. In the era when online sales are picking up, there are people who want to see things physically before they finally decide to get it home. So if you are the owner of a store which has a physical existence,  then it is a weighty matter that you make your store appealing.

    ADV can assist you in this venture by providing some of the most outstanding shopfronts in London. They are not only an impressive addition to your shop but score on the security aspect as well. So act smart and get a shopfront installed. The pros will surpass the cons any day. . For some other aspects, we will whisper a few secrets-

    1. Make shopping an extraordinary journey

    Design your showroom in such a way that the customers can glide from one department to the other in a logically connected manner. You could categorize the most popular products right near the entrance, then guide the customers to other related departments. The finale of the journey could be at the checkout counter which should be placed at the back of the store.

    1. Allow the customers to touch and feel

    Of course, the customers want to handle and touch the products before they buy it, that is the very reason they walked into your store. Help them in this experience by allowing them to handle the samples physically. It will be a good idea to share product demo videos as well, which will kindle further interest in them.

    1. Make shopping an easy experience

    You could enhance the ease of shopping by ensuring that customers don’t get bogged down by traveling throughout the showroom with heavy bags in tow. You could minimize their inconvenience by handing them a pen and paper and asking them to note down the item members of products they are interested in. You could also provide them with a dedicated salesman who will note down the details of the products they wish to buy without bothering to carry them around.

    1. Place products at strategic points

    Want to increase the sales of a product which the customers don’t buy frequently? Place them at points near the cash counters. This will increase the chances of the products getting bought by the customers. The customers tend to indulge in impulse buying when products are placed at certain strategic points. You can also advertise about the special packages or upgrades you are offering. It is a good move to display information about such deals on the digital display board. The customers are bound to notice it as they wait in the checkout queue.

    1. Catch their attention and hold it

    Place eye-catching displays. If you shop is small, one will be enough, but if you have a large showroom, place one at the start of each section. A bright display with the information about the products and their respective brands will promote the sales of the concerned items.


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