Secure your superb entryway: tips to protect your prized glass shopfronts

    Glass shopfronts present a perfect place for displaying the prized products of your outlet. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any flipside to them. They carry an element of vulnerability as glass becomes a soft target for thieves and burglars. But don’t get disappointed, we will let in all the details about the actual truth of the glass shopfronts and tips about their upkeep.

    1. Consider using a solid shutter

    It will be better if you opt for a solid rolling shutter. They offer impermeability and present tough resistance against penetration with weapons. They are also not vulnerable to breaking due to barging vehicles. They are the best layer of immunity one can put up against the criminal elements and unauthorized entry. The unpredictable weather can act a spoilsport, but if you have solid shutters, you will not have anything to worry about. They are the ultimate protection in case storm, hurricanes or even tornadoes rip apart the city.

    1. Secure the bottom

    It is important that you secure the bottom of your shopfront using a lock which should be welded to the bottom. This feature is used to counter any chances of unauthorized entry by the technologically savvy criminals who can hotwire the key switch with ease. So doesn’t depend solely on electrically operated systems for your security.

    1. Choose the Security glass

    Choose security glass windows instead of barred windows. The glass panels of the security glass windows are tough to shatter. They have been tested with various objects which are commonly used for breaking in. The objects like scaffolding and stones have been found to be unsuccessful in breaking the glass. The tough glass will not only deter the most malicious criminals but also raise an alarm when the intruders are trying to break in, thereby increasing your outlet’s chances of being safe and sound. Security glass panels come equipped with a penetration resistant film which offers optimum protection. It enables the glass to be penetrable even if the glass is cracked. The interlayer makes it too flexible to break under the pressure of blows. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that it retains the shards in case it breaks.

    Furthermore, since the security glass panels have penetration resistant films, which makes it difficult for vandal or thief incredibly difficult to gain entry even if the security glass is cracked. The tough plastic interlayer is too flexible to break under blows, and will also retain the glass shards.

    1. Store-front bollards: a blessing for your shopfront

    Getting bollards constructed will minimize the chances of the shop getting damaged by vehicles. They will not disrupt the pedestrians from passing by your shops as they can be set into concrete at specific intervals. You could also opt for an aesthetically rich boulder or potted plant designs for the same. But do consider contacting and seeking permission from the local authorities if you don’t own the piece of land. If the land is in your possession, you can start right away.

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