How can the shop front be made the ultimate source of contact with the customer?

    The shop fronts are the indirect point of interaction of the businesses with its prospective clients. The decision to enter the small shop for making a purchase from it is made just by having a glance at the shop fronts in London.

    What can be done to make the shop fronts attractive?

    Let us see how this is achieved.

    1. Decide a focal point for display: there has always got to be something that the shop owner wants its customers to eye on. It can be a new product, a poster, or anything else. Whatever it is, he must know how he has got to bring the attention of his customers on it and what should be the exact place for the same. If there is one or more of such things, each should be placed in such an ideal manner that nothing goes out of the customer’s sight.
    2. Balanced display: the balance of the display is equally important. As when half of the display is vertical and half is horizontal, it fails to garner the customer’s attention. Therefore, knowing the right balance and way of display is important. It is a common thing and very well understood that large and heavier things are placed at the back and the smaller, lighter ones are placed in front. This makes the display organized and all the things are totally visible. Besides, overcrowding must be avoided as it can make the window look uncongested and unbalanced.
    3. Keep it minimal: instead of fixing all the new things on the outside or on the window display, it is better to keep some worthy things on the window display. It can be in the form of a single color or a single theme. For example, all articles in the red color can be displayed or all the items of Valentine’s Day theme can be kept. This makes the customers attracted towards the shop as placing all the things without any fashion and just because they are new fails to tell any story or create any bond with the customer. This keeps him away from the shop which the shop owner does not want. Thus, telling more out of less instead of telling nothing out of more is of help to the business owner.
    4. Proper lighting: the articles, however, well placed they are, can go unnoticed if they are not fed proper light. Hence, placing the products in appropriate light at daytime and making provision for lighting at night time is essential to make the customers’ eyes fall on them.
    5. Always keep in mind the place of customers: it is important to at what height the products can catch the attention of the customers. The products that are placed too high or too low fail to get the attention of customers. The products should be placed at such a height they are under the reach of the vision of the customers.

    All in all, following these simple yet effective techniques, can help to raise the footfall of the customers to the shop after which everything rests on the actual products, services and the hospitality of the shop owner that he has on offer for his customer.

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