Shopfronts: How can they be used to attract the foot traffic to your business point

    Retailers are often at a loss of ideas when it comes to increasing their attraction quotient to the customers. Of course, shopfronts play a  major part in handling this aspect. ADV can offer a plentiful of ideas to help you come out with flying colors when your attraction quotient is put to test. Just have a look at the ideas we are offering-

    1. Strike an impression with your signboard

    Use block letters or attractive font to attract the attention of the customers. An outstanding signboard will be instrumental in bringing the customers to your doorstep. It is also a pleasing fact that the signage can be changed at a low cost anytime you want to.

    1. Choose a great display window

    If you witness a lot of foot traffic near your window, bank upon it by creating a display window which tells you a story of its own. The intrigue and interest that it invokes are going to pay rich dividends if you play your cards right. A well-written message within a well-crafted window will encourage impulse buying. For this plan to succeed, one must know how to tug at the heartstrings of the consumer.

    1. Make the customer feel welcome

    Make the customer feel special by using your creativity. Use ideas which kindle interest in the customer besides being welcoming. A forthcoming ‘welcome ‘ written in a special way can do wonders. You could also use chalk signs or floral patterns to entice your customers so much that they definitely walk up to your shop.

    1. Put your best foot forward

    Put on the best products in your shop display window. You could keep on rotating the products. It may sound difficult if you own a store with heavy products. But you will have to push harder for heavier sales, wouldn’t you? So mark our words and follow our advice.

    1. Adorn your parking lot

    Yes, you may not own it so talk to the landlord. But make sure that you put up hoardings which gently remind the customers of the special days which are coming up. They will feel the need to buy something once they are reminded. Just let them know about your discounts or facilities you are offering. This technique has shown great results.

    1. Flag off your sales

    Putting bright colored flags near your store will bring you rich benefits at low investment. Be sure that they are maintained well. Replace them as soon you notice that they are lagging behind in brightness or have become torn.

    1. Don’t forget the exterior

    You can perk up your exterior with a superb display of bright colors and crazy messages to attract the  attention of the customers. The basic idea is not to flash the prices but to advertise what you have got. Adding pictures of your products is going to be a nice option. If the building doesn’t belong to you and you don’t have the owner’s consent, you can reap the benefits by making use of free-standing banners and putting them near your shopfront.

    1. Signboards in the parking lot

    Get across interesting messages printed on signboards which can be fixed in the parking lots. They can be pushed into the ground and used at a reasonable cost. They are a reasonable option and can be used during weekends if the police is strict about it.

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