Shopfronts: Reasons why they are being hailed as the new advertising billboards

    North London: Shopfronts serve the purpose of securing your building. But they offer other advantages which are innumerable. Besides offering premium security, screening light and sound, regulating temperature at an optimum level, they double up as the most efficient and inexpensive billboards ever. Various creative directors have used them to display their new products to a large number of people. It has figured as the most viewed publicity device without investing tonnes of money.

    1. Cheap thrills

    You didn’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on the advertising once you have shopfronts at your disposal. Make it according to your choice and put the content to want to. You will never find another method of mass advertising which will come so cheap. You will not be required to part with a hefty amount of cash for this marketing tool. This extraordinary method will take your product to millions who walk down the busy lanes every day. Surely, your sales are going to soar.

    1. Target the right audience

    Another plus point is that you get to target the right audience for you through the billboards. Simply putting the shop window to use is not the solution for advertising issues. It is necessary to figure out which audience is to be targeted to get the sales soaring. You can flypost storefronts in the areas which have recorded maximum downloads of posts related to your store. This way, you will be able to catalyze the action of the target audience.

    1. Make way for attraction and intrigue

    Simply assigning space to a particular campaign is not the only thing required. Space must be utilized to attract the attention of the audience. An unattractive and unappealing shopfront is not going to work wonders. But a shopfront with beautiful designs and intriguing messages is sure to arouse curiosity in the customers. So learn to use your space with creativity and efficiency.

    1. Follow the leaders

    If you don’t have any idea where to start, look up the high flying fashion stores and see what they have done with their shopfronts. While some of them have used the faces of actresses to promote their products, some others have used innovative technology to give their business a booming boost. Still, others have donated free cash to attract the attention of the customers while there are those who offer touch screen interactive mode of operation right at their windows.

    They all have succeeded in gaining the attention of the customers and making their sales climb higher within a matter of minutes. Let us see how-

    1. Actress for advertising

    Using femme fatale to attract the users to see and buy the latest swimwear is the talk of the town. A very famous retail chain used the life-size poster of a well-known actress to brighten the prospects of the sale of their latest sportswear range.

    1. From Imaginative to Interactive

    Another famous store known for its high-class fashion wear created an interactive experience as the central idea of its shopfront. It guaranteed access to the site through an interactive screen on the shopfront. This resulted in a 50 % increase in website traffic. The rest is history.

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