Shopfronts: The ideal marketing tool which had been hitherto only a security solution

    If you go by the current articles, the literary world is flooded with ones related to the shopfronts being the new marketing tools. Forget about blaring loud on the radio and TV. Print media has already been back-seated by the digital media and social networking platforms. What remains is the one and only shopfront, the most inexpensive, direct and easy to access marketing tool. It also comes out to be the handiest tool which can be modified according to your wishes without getting your arm twisted.

    Four top brands have been spotted using the windows as their primary marketing tools. ADV is really happy to see the change. We have been yelling loud and clear that storefronts are more than just security features. Now the world is waking up to seeing shopfronts in London become the 24*7 billboard without burning a hole in the pocket of the owners.

    Shopfronts: The dynamic trend

    If you want to know where and how the dynamic trend could be first seen, we would like to mention the top shop. It introduced its sportswear range with a 20m banner which featured a famous pop star in their swimwear. The banner was a hit and so was the sportswear, thanks to the innovative idea and the beautiful model. It all was a combined effect of the huge signboard, the model’s look and of course the premium quality of the sportswear. The marketing head who proposed this idea knew how to bank upon the visibility and favorable position in a crowded area. It was a strikingly good idea to reach out to millions of customers using a single picture and minimum words but maximum communication.

    An online retailer, realized that they needed more than a presence on the web and online advertising. It was only after they came up with the brilliant idea of investing in showrooms which featured physical touch point with their customers that showed some difference in their sales. But the major pick up in sales was seen when they brought out their wide window version shopfront which concentrated more on the ‘Made your Look ‘ campaign. The resulting pick up was unexpected and unbelievable.

    House of Fraser took a step further and banked up the Black Friday initiative. They provide an app to the customer which when downloaded promised amazing deals after clicking the explore feature.

    They also came up with the idea of a scan to win provision which promises chances to win a 250-pound gift card. The policy went great if you consider the number of apps downloaded and increased customer interaction.

    Looking for an immersive experience

    People nowadays want an immersive experience. The messages, if related to immersive experiences are much more effective even if the window is not trying to put something across. Such campaign attracts the visitors without crying out loud, yet catching the attention of the customer at first glance.

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