What is the best choice for curtains: The old fashioned fabric or the sophisticated Glass?

    Glass Curtain Walling: With all the light and transparency, it will be an excellent option to cover your building. It is indeed a reality made true by the construction companies. You can very well opt for glass panes which fit together without the requirement of a frame. They are actually a beautiful addition to your home as they offer a beautiful, unhindered view of the world around you. They are a suitable option for the homes as well. So what you have got with you is beautiful glass covering which can be used in commercial as well as domestic buildings. It has all been made possible by ADV who have come up with some of the best curtain walling in London. Take a look at the buildings we have worked for, it is bound to leave you speechless.

    Transparent is the keyword

    When all you want is transparency, it is glass curtains that fit the bill. They are an ideal option for large windows, balconies, terraces, patios etc. They also ideal for various surfaces, whether they are curved, straight, short or tall. They are equally suited for high rise buildings, restaurants, villas, offices, and apartments. They provide a wide open area and offer a high sense of aesthetics. You can be sure of natural light streaming in so that you can enjoy the exteriors, with all the beauty and minus the noise. So what are you waiting for?

    Advantages at a glance

    1. They can be drawn as smoothly and conveniently as curtains of fabric.
    2. Forget the weather– Whether you have winters or summers, you have to think of changing the fabric of your curtains. But you can let go of this action if you have opted for glass curtains. Whether the external environment is extremely hot or cold or whether it is raining heavily, you can be sure that you are immune to the extremities of natural resources.


    1. Easy to maintain

    Cloth curtains require laundering and cleaning as they catch dust but all you need to sparkle a glass curtain is a good wipe. Just give them a good wipe and see them shine up in a matter of minutes.


    1. The noise barrier

    You can be sure that the noisy neighbours and the busy roads don’t spoil your peace of mind. This is made possible by the acoustic screening capacity of glass curtains. So sit pretty and peacefully in your room.


    1. 3. Space savers

    The glass curtains are ideal if you need to save up on your space. Glass curtains don’t require frames and pelmets so they are ideal for saving space.


    1. 4. High USP-Installing glass curtains can elevate the value of your home when you decide to rent it out or sell it. It is a USP as far as a building is concerned.

    All said and done, is it not the right time to get glass curtains for your building?

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